LRT Hardwood Flooring is committed to ensuring every client has access to top quality products and professional service. By establishing strong relationships with leading Canadian flooring and timber suppliers, the LRT team is able to offer eco-friendly flooring solutions for both residential and commercial applications.


Canadian owned and operated, Logs End is Canada’s leading supplier of river-reclaimed, wide plank hardwood flooring and millwork.

From the 1830s to the early 1990s, it is estimated that more than 1.3 million cubic meters of wood was sent annual via the Gatineau River and its tributaries to the Ottawa River mills. During the course of the 400 kilometer journey, countless logs were lost and now lay on the river’s floor.

Logs End recovers the lost timber hidden in the water. Diving operations take place on the Ottawa River, its tributaries and small neighbouring lakes. Each and every log recovered is raised by hand, ensuring the area’s aquaculture is improved, not damaged. The logs are then dried, milled and crafted into dimensional lumber, custom flooring, and millwork including paneling, posts, beams, mouldings and trim.

The old-growth water-preserved logs offer wood floors and millwork of unparalleled quality and beauty. Their wideplank hardwood flooring collections include Reclaimed White & Red Pine, Yellow Birch, Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak (Flat), White Oak (Rift & Quartersawn), European Oak, Hickory, Cherry, & Walnut.  Logs End flooring is available from 2 ¼” – 12” in widths and in long lengths.

All wood species boast tight wood grains and rich colours not seen in new-growth forests, which is why Logs End wood floors and millwork are renowned world wide.

Logs End is committed to honouring Canada’s rich logging and woodcraft history. All aspects of their operations are guided by a “zero waste” policy, along with a commitment to the environment that benefits our planet’s future.

Logs End – Putting History At Your Feet


From their humble beginnings in a tiny sawmill at the turn of the 20th century, to the modern day mill and manufacturing plant in St. Norbert, Québec, Plancher Dubeau Floors remains committed to crafting wood into stunning floors.

Thanks to a forest land allotment that includes Hard Maple, Yellow Birch and Red Oak, Dubeau manages over two million acres of trees which will supply the company with raw lumber for a minimum of 25 years. With continuous reforestation practices in place and strict management guidelines, Dubeau Floors’ wood is indeed a renewable resource.

As part of the Plancher Dubeau Floors promise to the environment, the company uses all hardwood leftovers as boiler fuel. Furthermore, Dubeau prefinishes their flooring with a varnish that is free from solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde. Better for you. Better for your home. Better for our planet.

With 80 years of experience, research and strategic technological investments, Dubeau Floors’ prefinished flooring is a testament to passion, expert craftsmanship and innovation. Guaranteed to exceed the expectations of the most discerning customer, a Dubeau floor will be resilient, comfortable and ultimately beautiful for generations to come.

Plancher Dubeau Floors – 80 Years of Canadian Know-How

LRT Hardwood Flooring is based out of Vars, Ontario. Our installation crews travel regularly across Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. If you have questions about any of our hardwood flooring products or suppliers, please contact us by calling 613.295.3971 or email info@lrthardwoodflooring.ca