The neighbourhood known as Lindenlea – New Edinburgh was Ottawa’s earliest planned community. Urban planner Thomas Adams established the area in 1918 and the emphasis on a meticulously designed “garden suburb” has remained a constant. One hundred years later, Lindenlea remains a community noted for boasting homes with architectural variety, mature trees, large backyards, and significant green spaces. In addition to the usual amenities (schools, libraries, active transportation) often found across the Ottawa region, Lindenlea New Edinburgh is also home to tennis courts, bowling greens and children’s parks.

The green spaces remain an attractive draw for young families seeking a quiet and welcoming neighbourhood close to the downtown core. The small houses are perfect starter homes, but due to age, may need repairs. Which is why the team from LRT Hardwood Flooring recently assisted on an insurance removal and replacement flooring job on Rideau Terrace.

Unfortunately, the vintage parquet had been subjected to significant water damage. The parquet was not a candidate for restoration, so LRT removed the existing parquet. As the photos will illustrate, this is a very labour intensive task – but one well worth it in the long run. Once the parquet had been removed and the floor was scraped, the installers levelled the subfloor to industry standards. After the subfloor repair was completed, a soundproofing membrane was installed, coupled with engineered hardwood floors.

Engineered hardwood is a sound investment for homeowners who are seeking versatility and longevity from a floor covering. The multi-ply engineered plank is manufactured to overcome issues (including swelling, splitting and warping) in homes with moisture instability. Engineered is also a fantastic solution for many residential and commercial settings, as it can be installed above or below grade, over radiant heating and even concrete.

Flooring In Process

LRT Hardwood Flooring, located in Ottawa, is a Canadian owned and operated company. Founded in 2009, Luc Theoret and his team quickly earned a reputation for delivering quality installations and stunning craftsmanship. LRT has worked with every imaginable hardwood product and can successfully bring any flooring vision to life. When precision matters, rest assured you can count on LRT Hardwood Flooring.